Pathway Program

University of Hartford

Master's Degree
Duration: 3 Semesters
Minimum Age: 18 y/o
United States of America, Connecticut, West Hartford

With seven schools and colleges all working together, there’s plenty to explore at University of Hartford. You’ll find your own road, but you won’t walk it alone. At UHart, we help you partner your passion with your dream profession. But beyond just landing a job after graduation, we empower you to rise quickly in your field. Through a multitude of perspectives, you'll gain critical thinking skills and the ability to adapt to change.

Annual Tuition

Easy Apply
Admission Requirements
Admission Exams
IELTS: 5.5
Required Documents
English Proficiency Test
Undegraduate Degree Transcript
Undergraduate Degree

All Available Programs

Pre-Master’s in Business Administration
Pre-Master’s in Business Analytics
Pre-Master’s in Choral Conducting
Pre-Master’s in Civil Engineering
Pre-Master’s in Communication
Pre-Master’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Pre-Master’s in Engineering
Pre-Master’s in Engineering and Business Administration
Pre-Master’s in Environmental Engineering
Pre-Master’s in Instrumental Performance
Pre-Master’s in Jazz Studies
Pre-Master’s in Mechanical Engineering
Pre-Master’s in Music Education
Pre-Master’s in Music History
Pre-Master’s in Music Theory
Pre-Master’s in Neuroscience
Pre-Master’s in Orchestral Conducting
Pre-Master’s in Organizational Psychology
Pre-Master’s in Vocal Performance
University of Hartford
University of Hartford
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Master's Degree
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United States of America, Connecticut, West Hartford