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The Applywave story is the story of young people who dreamt about being successful…

It is an inspiring story, based on millions of other stories of ambitious and motivated young people around the world, who were dreaming about a better life and endless opportunities – Their success stories started by being brave enough to take the first step towards pursuing education outside of their home countries.

Our story is about you!

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David Adlers Story
(Founder & CEO)

When David Adler from Israel was 16 years old, he had a dream to study in the USA. Overwhelmed with information but lacking guidance, with average English skills but great motivation,  he spent a year of his life trying to pave his way to the American dream, until he was accepted to the University of South Florida. 4 years later, he graduated with an American degree! Shortly after his graduation, David had a new dream – To provide guidance and to help other international students who share similar dreams to follow his footsteps and walk the path that he had already paved before. To this day, equipped with years of experience and extensive knowledge, David has helped thousands of students around the world to study abroad. David’s dream became a vision and his vision became a reality!

This is an Applywave story – What’s your story?