Partner With Us

Benefits for your students:

You and your students can search from +500 High Schools, Certificate programs, Colleges & Universities from around the world.
You and your students can clearly view entry requirements and automatically check eligibility for every school.
Your students are eligible to receive a substantial amount of scholarships from our partner schools. You’ll be able to clearly see the scholarship opportunities for each school.
You and your students can apply to any school in a few simple steps and submit documents directly through Applywave.
Manage your entire application process and communications with multiple schools in one place.
Both you and the student have access to the same dashboard and information.

Benefits for your business:

Grow your Business
With so many global opportunities, every student that comes into your door can become a client. You don’t need to turn anyone away.
Cut Your Overhead
No more spending hours chasing students, collecting documents, submitting applications.
One agreement, hundreds of schools
Stop chasing new agreements and being asked for endless references. Stop worrying about expired agreements. You sign an agreement with us, and we take care of the rest.
Secure commission
Track your estimated and confirmed commissions through your dashboard, updated in real-time.
Receive new leads
We will tag students from your surrounding areas to your agency so you can help them and receive a commission.
Stay engaged with students
By participating in free online recruiting events with us, we will help your students connect directly with schools.
Focus on what you do Best
Continue giving students great service and smart advice. We will take care of the rest.