Save Money At Elgin Community College

Want to know how you can save money on your undergraduate degree? If so, keep reading….

A great way to save money on your undergraduate degree is by starting at a Community College!

A community college offers almost the same benefits as a university, but their tuition fee is typically up to 3X LESS than a regular university!

The way to save money by going to a community college is through what’s called a 2+2 program: simply do a 2 year Associate’s degree at a community college, and then you can transfer to a university to finish your Bachelor’s in 2 more years!

If you dream of studying in Chicago, but can’t afford the high tuition fees or cost of city living, you should consider Elgin Community College!

5 reasons to choose Elgin Community College:

  1. High-quality facilities as if you were at University

  2. Hands-on learning and smaller class sizes

  3. Excellent guidance and support to help you discover what you really want to do with your professional life

  4. Transfer university programs

  5. Low cost of living

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