UNLV – Rebels Make It Happen!

Studying outside your home country is an incredibly brave step. Taking calculated risks makes you an extraordinary person, indeed.

If you are still wondering what can be a game-changer in your future, here is a big tip:
Studying in the U.S. is still the best choice for international students
 because of the prestige of having a US-certified university degree. Higher education study programs in the US are known for their exceptional quality standard in terms of learning experiences, intellectual rigor, and innovative practices.

At UNLV you’ll be able to achieve this success!

  • Enjoy the sunshine 300 days a year

  • UNLV provides the foundation to set you on the right path

  • More than 300 majors to choose from

  • R1 Research University

  • Multiple different internship opportunities

  • Get to be part of a community of more than 1000 international students

Click the link to get to know more about UNLV and apply if you do not want to miss this AMAZING opportunity: