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Canada, Ontario, Mississauga

The strength of The Erindale Academy lies in how we prepare students to attend the top universities and colleges around the world. From Grade 11 onward, students are given a study plan that matches their dream university or college.     One of the amazing features of The Erindale Academy is our system of learning. Not only do our students do better in each class, they can also learn more and learn faster! In our bespoke system, students take TWO credit courses every 2 months. So, they take Math in the morning and English in the afternoon. Every day.  

What makes the TEA system better than others?

  There are several reasons why our system is better and produces better results. Here are a few:
  • Students are more focused on the subject. They have to study Math every day. They can't avoid it, hide it or run from it.
  • Our teachers can spot the areas of weaknesses faster. Because the teacher is with the student every day, they can spot the areas of difficulties.
  • Tutors and Study Groups are set up by the teacher or by administration if there is an area of the subject that is troubling students. We can give extra work to help them through it.
  • It is intense. Students are not given a chance to lose focus with other distractions in life. If they are taking Math every day, they are thinking about Math every day.
  At The Erindale Academy, we follow the Ministry's curriculum and assessment strategies. Everything is the same as the public school. What is different is how we teach. Because of this system, our students are often chosen to go to the best schools in Canada and around the world.

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