Miss Hall's School

United States of America, Massachusetts, Pittsfield

Miss Hall’s has been delivering exceptional academics, forging authentic connections, and maximizing girls’ limitless potential since our founding in 1898. A place of collaboration and adaptation, where we personalize the school experience both to the needs of our students and the demands of our world. Here, each student shapes our culture and our community: if you want to raise awareness, start a club, or create a new tradition, you can! Personalized mentoring combined with leadership opportunities provide moments of practice that will launch you on your path.

Nestled in the heart of a world-renowned cultural center, you will be surrounded by the visual and performing arts, a pioneering ethos, and a thriving non-profit community. Our exceptional STEM curriculum includes a Department of Engineering and Technology Innovation that capitalizes on this pioneering environment. Our remarkable Humanities courses incorporate local and global perspectives into essential learning. Inspired mentors on- and off-campus will empower you to realize your fullest potential as a learner, collaborator, and citizen of the world. At Miss Hall’s, you will reach farther than you thought possible, alongside peers who, like you, seek out the thrill of challenges and new discoveries.


  • #51 Best All-Girls High School in America. (NIche.com)
  • #57 Best High School of the Arts in America. (Niche.com)
  • #111 Best Boarding High School in America. (Niche.com)
  • #373 Most Diverse Private High School in America. (Niche.com)
  • #2 Girls School in MA (Niche) and therefore we are the #1 Girls Boarding School in MA (Niche's #1 girls school is a day school)

Miss Hall's School


Services & Amenities

Student Enrollment
Foreign Student Enrolment
Mandatory On Campus Dorms, Optional On Campus Dorms
Four Seasons, Snow
Gender Restriction
All Girls
Study Types
High school
United States of America
Gap year
Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12, Grade 9
Sport Teams
Women's Equestrian, Women’s Basketball, Women’s Cross Country, Women’s Golf, Women’s Lacrosse, Women’s Skiing, Women’s Soccer, Women’s Softball, Women’s Tennis, Women’s Volleyball