Luiss University

Italy, Rome

Located in the eternal city of Rome, Luiss is an international university specialized in the field of social sciences, providing a diverse learning environment based on entrepreneurship, responsibility, and sustainability. At Luiss, we inspire and enable a better world, believing that social sciences play – and will play – a role in the emerging digital society. Since its founding, Luiss has developed privileged relationships with the business community, thanks to its affiliation with Confindustria, the General Confederation of Italian industry, as well as the legal studios, government institutions, and civil society. Luiss also has special relationships with European and Italian institutions, thanks to the numerous faculty members that have served within them. Luiss is a top private university with an educational model that combines academic rigor with practical relevance.  Its main features are:

  • Research: Luiss faculty members are major experts in their fields, actively engaged in their research communities as well as in the professional and management communities.
  • Experience-based: Luiss relies upon a highly selected pool of top executives, chartered consultants, and diplomats to discuss topics they experience systematically.
  • Problem-driven: our programs require students to engage in projects and research, in which they are expected to develop solutions to real-world problems.
The Luiss model is strengthened by a life-large learning approach that challenges students’ intellectual curiosity, inspires individual effort and self-discovery, and encourages independent and critical thinking.


Services & Amenities

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Study Types
Master's Degree, Bachelor's Degree
Gap year
City, Mountains
Accounting, Business Model Innovation, Government and Administration, Government and Politics, Marketing Analytics, Political Science, Politics and Communication, Strategic Human Resource Management, Business Administration, Economia e Management, Economics and Business Management, Law, Political Science, Economic & Business, Economics, Finance, Management, Management & Computer Science, Philosophy and Economics, Politics & Philosophy and Economics, Corporate Finance, Data and Information Management, Data Science and Management, Digital Innovation and Sustainability, Economics, Economics and Finance, Finance, Global Management and Politics, International Relations, Law & Digital Innovation and Sustainability, Management, Marketing, Policies and Governance in Europe, Strategic Management
Sport Teams
Men's Equestrian, Men's Rowing, Men's Rugby, Men’s Basketball, Men’s Golf, Men’s Skiing, Men’s Soccer, Men’s Swimming and Diving, Men’s Tennis, Men’s Track and Field (Indoor), Men’s Track and Field (Outdoor), Men’s Volleyball, Road Cycling, Women's Equestrian, Women's Swimming, Women’s Basketball, Women’s Golf, Women’s Rowing, Women’s Skiing, Women’s Soccer, Women’s Swimming and Diving, Women’s Tennis, Women’s Track and Field (Indoor), Women’s Track and Field (Outdoor), Women’s Volleyball