Leysin American School

High school
Duration: 1 Years
Minimum Age: 14 y/o
Switzerland, Leysin

At Leysin American School, we move education beyond the confines of the classroom.

We provide our students with impactful experiential learning opportunities so they can see the practical applications of their studies at work in the real world.

From practical, engaging in-class academics to experiential learning on international cultural trips, we believe in bringing together students from around the world and providing them with an education that sparks their curiosity and encourages them to be the best global citizens they can be.

Annual Tuition
*Application Fee: 500 CHF
Start Dates:
September 1, 2024
January 1, 2025
September 1, 2025
Admission Requirements
GPA: 3 (Scale 0 - 4)
Required Documents
English Proficiency Test
High School Transcript
Personal Essay
Recommendation Letter (#1)
Recommendation Letter (#2)
Recommendation Letter (#3)

Leysin American School
Leysin American School
study levels
High school
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Campus locations
Switzerland, Leysin