Why Studying Abroad is Important


Studying abroad provides many benefits and life-changing experiences for college students

  • By living and learning in a foreign country, students can become more independent, learn a new culture, and broaden their perspectives.
  • Students who study abroad often return home more independent and self-confident. They have navigated in a foreign country, handled unfamiliar situations, and learned to adapt to challenging circumstances. This helps them develop better problem-solving skills and the ability to handle unexpected situations with grace.
  • Immersing in a foreign culture also exposes students to a different way of life and different perspectives. They can learn to appreciate cultural diversity and become more tolerant and open-minded. Interacting with local students and host families helps them learn the culture in an authentic way and develop lifelong friendships.
  • Studying abroad also enhances career prospects. Employers highly value experience with foreign cultures and languages. Students may also discover new interests and passions that influence their career choices. The experience of navigating challenges in a foreign setting also demonstrates maturity, resilience, and the ability to adapt to new situations.
  • In addition to personal growth, studying abroad expands students’ academic horizons. They can take courses that may not be offered at their home university and explore their interests in a new context. Studying a foreign language is also more rewarding when immersed in the culture and interacting with native speakers.
  • Students who study abroad also become more attractive candidates for graduate schools and scholarships. Their experience, independence, and maturity stand out in applications and interviews. They have a unique experience to discuss that demonstrates qualities like curiosity, adaptability, and resilience in the face of challenges.

In summary, studying abroad offers life-changing benefits for college students. From personal growth to career opportunities to academic rewards, the experience of living and learning in a foreign country shapes students in profound and long-lasting ways. Overall, studying abroad is a rewarding experience that every student should strive for.