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International students choose to study at Elyon College for various reasons, such as its strong academic programs, reputation for quality education, diverse and inclusive community, as well as potential for cultural and personal growth.  In addition, our great location in the heart of Brooklyn, NYC offers additional benefits:

Diverse Cultural Experience: Brooklyn is known for its rich cultural diversity, offering students the chance to immerse themselves in various cultures and perspectives.

Networking Opportunities: Being in a global city like New York provides students with ample chances to network with professionals and experts in their chosen fields.

Cultural and Entertainment Hub: Brooklyn offers a vibrant arts scene, music venues, restaurants, and a bustling nightlife, giving students plenty of recreational options.

Proximity to Manhattan: Being just a subway ride away from Manhattan provides students with even more educational, cultural, and entertainment opportunities.

Language Immersion: Studying in an English-speaking environment helps international students improve their language skills and gain confidence.

Global Connections: New York is a global business and finance center, offering students connections to international companies and organizations.

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