LAB University of Applied Sciences

Bachelor's Degree
Duration: 4 Years
Minimum Age: 17 y/o
Finland, Lahti
Finland, Lappeenranta

LAB University of Applied Sciences operates in Lahti and Lappeenranta, Finland.  The strengths of this higher education institution specializing in innovation include the circular economy, design, the commercialization of innovations, and service innovations for health and well-being. LAB has over 8500 students, making it the sixth-largest university of applied sciences in Finland.
                LAB represents the vision and operating culture of the new university of applied sciences focusing on innovation, business, and industry. It depicts an active approach where different people and experts create something new together with business enterprises. The new name is easy to pronounce in both Finnish and English and establishes a link to the LUT Group. 
                 At LAB University of Applied Sciences, we do not have a GPA requirement for Bachelor programs. There is no English language test requirement: a student can either showcase his/her skills during the online exam or by submitting their SAT Score.

Annual Tuition
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Admission Requirements
SAT: 400

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Industrial Design
Industrial Information Technology
International Business
Mechanical Engineering
Packaging and Brand Design
Sustainable Engineering
Tourism & Hospitality Management
LAB University of Applied Sciences
LAB University of Applied Sciences
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Bachelor's Degree
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Finland, Lahti
Finland, Lappeenranta