Bachelor's Degree
Duration: 3 Years
France, Lyon

CEFAM provides a French American business education leading to internationally recognized degrees and global careers. Over 30 years’ Experience in Education in the United States

CEFAM (Centre d’Etudes Franco-Américain de Management) was founded in 1986 as a response to the growing internationalization of markets and companies.

The school prepares its students for careers in management through:

The content of its programs Its academic organization, in association with several renowned American universities 1 Program for 2 Degrees

Two primary factors contributed to establishing CEFAM’s focus:

1/ Earning dual degrees simultaneously by spending part of the program in France before continuing in one of CEFAM’s affiliated universities :

A Level 7 French degree from CEFAM, certified by the French government, and recognized in France and throughout Europe An American Bachelor of Business administration, conferred by one of CEFAM’s partner institutions in the USA, all AACSB accredited (gold standard for business schools)

Annual Tuition
Admission Requirements
GPA: 3 (Scale 0 - 4)
IELTS: 5.5

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Bachelor's Degree
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