Arroyo Pacific Academy

High school
Duration: 1 Years
Minimum Age: 14 y/o
United States of America, California, Arcadia

At Arroyo Pacific Academy, we provide and design a highly specialized learning program to guide each student towards achieving his or her peak academic potential and objectives. Programs cover curricula for grades 6-12, as well as test prep courses.

We are committed to supporting students as they strive for excellence in a personalized college preparatory curriculum that incorporates character formation and the academic competencies and skills necessary for lifelong learning.  We provide a rigorous, meaningful and challenging educational program for all students.

Our school provides a student-centered curriculum and schedule that meets the needs of young people from many educational backgrounds - from the traditional college prep student, to the unique and gifted student who learns differently, to the international student looking for an American education.  The advantages of a personal approach to education bring results that can positively impact a lifetime.  The advantages of a local and global campus community best prepare our students for the college and career environments of this generation, as the world continues to become increasingly connected.

Annual Tuition
*Application Fee: 200 USD
Admission Requirements
GPA: 3 (Scale 0 - 4)

Arroyo Pacific Academy
Arroyo Pacific Academy
study levels
High school
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United States of America, California, Arcadia